Bought the cannon 6d.. lots of questions for you

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billythek wrote:

I think I understand where you are coming from. My wife and daughter are both the same way. They are both very gifted in creating artistic pictures, but neither are interested in learning the technical details of how to make the camera work optimally.

All I can say is the same thing I tell them. If you can't be bothered to learn, put the camera in auto mode and take what it gives you. If you want to improve, though, there are plenty of online video tutorials that you can watch that will answer these basic questions. Learning always goes better if you invest some effort into it.

Good luck with your camera and business no matter what you decide to do.
- Bill

I would love to clarify something.  I would truly appreciate in any statement I have made that I don't want to learn? I have stated repeatly I want to learn.  That in time I will.  Do I have the time this week? Or last week when I got the camera nooooooo.  Because I am so busy.  Now again I didn't say I was so busy with photography just sooooooo busy.  I have a family, concrete business, farm animals that need tending too, and yes more  then that and now my side photo business.  I have learned obviously everyone alot have I not if what I say is true is a really short amount of time,  I mean Iam the person who a lot of you think isn't real or couldn't have done what I have done if I speak the truth.  I opened my own personal FB page to a member on here so someone can actually see the truth.  Guess they saw the truth.  So learning bring it on.... But I have to do that slowly having picked up the 6d if I were technically able to understand it I would not have returned it,  if I new in the next month I could figure it out to get good shots ( outside auto) I would have kept it.  I in my life right now do not want a 2700.00 including a lens sitting in front of me that I can't use within a month.  That is my preference.  I bet like each of you say.  I take some classes this fall I can learn more and then one day you may see me here with the Mark 3.  I bad enough spending that money and my husband watching me pick up the slta57 to shoot with.  Let me tell you all he was not happy nor does he get it.  I appreciate the feedback and help to know end.  But stating I don't want to learn is the furthest from the truth.  I do...I will but on my own time.  Owning something I can't work because some of you think I couldn't do what I have done yet not understand the technical side.  Well I don't understand the technical part.  Some yes.  A lot to learn yes.  Want to learn yes.  Just do not have the time as I so wish I had to achieve me using it in an upcoming shoot.  If one needs to learn a lot of the technical side of photography should that person be spending all that amount of money? Or purchase a less expensive camera to learn With? Purchase a Sony a99 in which Iam pretty sure I can work a day after I get it???? Blessings

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