Micro Four Thirds body deflation

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Re: Micro Four Thirds body deflation

tkbslc wrote:

I think one major problem with the m4/3 system is the massive deflation of the camera bodies.    I just got notification that the E-P3 kit is $370 at Adorama.  The new E-P5 is $1100.  The GX1 is selling for $200-250 this week.

And this is a problem for you, why?

Just buy low and enjoy!

Those are flagship compact bodies that are only one generation old selling for less than half the price of their replacements.

I believe that "flagship" would be GH2, GH3, OMDEM5... how is their value holding up for their owners?

This doesn't happen with DSLR cameras very often.    For example, the new Canon T5i is $899, the T4i is $749 and the T3i is $549.

Maybe that's because they aren't that expensive to begin with, and not that immensely different from one generation to another, if one can call that generation - it's more like an iteration.

It makes one hesitant to buy any newly released cameras for m43, doesn't it?  I mean you know it's not going to be worth peanuts in a couple years.

Perhaps you could do some dollar-cost-averaging by waiting before buying next time.

I'm just as impatient as the next guy when it comes to new toys, but I've learned to wait.  By waiting, I paid $400 for my NX20 (and it's an APSC! yeah for me!) - although price has gone back up again since then.

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