Tilt and shift lens with adaptor using XP1

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Kipon/Mirex T&S vs separate adaptors

An interesting thread.

One thing to point out that I think is important. As far as I'm aware, neither the Kipon (or the Mirex original) allow you to tilt and shift in the same plane.  You can't for example, shift up to correct converging verticals whilst tilting down to move the DOF wedge for max front to back sharpness.

The Canon T&S shift lenses can be adjusted to allow this rather than having the movements at right angles but I believe the adaptors cannot.

This seems to me to be a major limitation and makes the adaptor really little different from having two separate adaptors, one for shift and one for tilt.

One possible solution to keep the cost down might be to buy a used shift only lens and mount this on a cheap tilt adaptor. You would then have a Canon style T&S mechanism along with the extra large circle of a true shift lens.

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