Good 50mm Lens For Sony Nex ... on a Budget?

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IDing lens mounts, matching adapters

clearzoom wrote:

saintz wrote:

The Pentax Takumar versions (SMC, Super, Super Multi Coated) are my favorite. The 50 f1.4 can be had around $50. Make sure you know if you're getting a Pentak K mount or M42 mount so you know what adapter you need.

Second choice would be the Minolta 50 f1.4. Then a Canon FD or Nikon.

The cheap $10 eBay adapters work fine for these.

This got me concerned,as I am getting one of these two lenses and want to make sure I get correct adapter

1) Pentax Takumar 50 f1.4 but cant see which mount is it and which adapter should I order out of these two. pl assist

It's easy to tell from the photos of the rear; see

Aside from that, I've noticed that many K lenses say Pentax on them, whereas the M42 ones say things like Auto, Super, or SMC but not Pentax. There are photos of all the MANY variants at pentaxforums. Also, beware that some M42 adapters have a little shelf in them to press-in the rear stop-down pin -- those will not work on the later SMC lenses because they block the lens from being fully screwed in (the pin is supposed to be pressed by a little flip-out tab, whereas the shelf goes all the way around the rear of the lens, interfering with a tab that was added in the last generation of M42 SMC Takumars).

and this one does confirm it is 42mm mount but lot of items in ebay dont even say their mount K or 42

2) and would this adapter work for Minolta Rokkor 50 f1.4 ?

Rokkors are generally Auto, MC, or MD (with later MD lenses dropping the Rokkor name and saying Minolta); Minolta also sold a cheaper line of nearly identical lenses under the Celtic name. The mounts are officially SR, MC, or MD, which are all compatible with the same adapters -- like the one you reference. Just beware that the later Minolta AF mount is completely different -- and is now known as Sony A-mount; this mount is easy to spot because there are electrical contacts on the mount (although the number of contacts has varied over time).

In my opinion, the M42 50mm f/1.4 Takumars give among the best bokeh renderings of any lens, with good sharpness provided it isn't yellowed. If it is yellowed (by the mildly radioactive element inside), UV cleaning will dramatically improve sharpness -- the yellowing seems to do more badness than merely tinting the image and reducing transmissivity (a seriously yellowed f/1.4 can pass less light than a clean f/2.8).

The old Minolta lenses also give better than average bokeh -- consistent color and good bokeh were attributes Minolta emphasized back when the fact that they made their own glass allowed them to do color matching better than competitors like Nikon. Each company tended to have their own weighting of which attributes they'd optimize for; e.g., it seems to me that Canon emphasized contrast in their lenses, with better contrast and often lousy bokeh and color compared to Minolta. In summary, nearly all "fast 50s" are pretty good, but different companies favored different attributes, and that's why people can have endless arguments about which is "best" overall.... Or, with NEX, you can just get all of them and use each for what it is best at....

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