Tilt and shift lens with adaptor using XP1

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Rod McD wrote:

The other lenses I'm interested in (again for tilt) are the old Nikon shift lenses.  Some reports indicate that the 28mm doesn't do so well on digital - gives color fringing if shifted too far.  The 35mm f2.8 is reported to be good.  It's quite small as shift lenses go and relatively inexpensive.  The later models are better (Orange f22 mark, black shift knob with scale on screw).  They're on e-Bay for about $350-450.  Cheap because no-one wants 35mm shift only lenses when 24mm TS is available.  They should be good on the TS adapter - they offer huge coverage, a good flat field, and a FOV around 50 mm.

Rod, my father (who was a professional photographer) owned and used a Nikon 35mm f/3.5 PC lens - the very first shift lens available for 35mm cameras - in the early seventies, and I remember well what fun it was to work with. Unfortunately, he resold it later (in favor of some medium format gear) so it did not make it into the kit he passed on to me when he stopped his business.

The 50mm FOV indeed is very nice for product photography.

I would hesitate to use that lens with a T&S adapter such as the Kipon: I expect that there could be some mechanical obstruction from stacking two T/S mechanisms on top of each other. I would rather opt for  a "straight" F-mount adapter. But if I ever can get my hands on one I sure would like to give it a try!

(And what 'older' Nikon shooter would not know Bjørn's site... Note that for some time now the Nikon lens database and reviews have moved to http://nikongear.com/live/index.php/page/nikon_lenses)

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