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Franka T.L. wrote:

Very well put , I find it perplexing why people would relate the DxO Marks as that of a measure of end result as its obviously not. Its a measure of what the camera can do in those set criteria. In Aviation term its call envelope of performance. Its a measure of capability quantified, yes, but its a measure of the capability of its capture, not that of the end result ( which had to go through loads of other stuff .... )

Most modern printers will show around 6+ stops of DR. Many modern dSLRs capture 14+ stops. When sent to the printer the image is converted according to the printer's specifications, I mean there is no magic in it, and is reproduced accordingly. So what DxO camera tests got to do with printing is truly beyond me. But then again, those who seek the answers do usually find them.

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