What do you load on to SSD?

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Re: SSD question related to Lightroom

So I have a question.

I understand that the generally agreed most efficient use for a PC is something along the lines of an SSD for OS and Apps and a HDD for data. This is what I have 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD. My notebook is getting pretty old now and I am thinking of upgrading but I intend to wait until the new intel chips are out.

Still I am wondering whether to go with an entire SSD setup with a new computer. Chances are by then I can have a 256GB SSD for OS and Apps and a 1TB SSD for data. So I know that you get the best 'bang for your buck' with an SSD for the OS and Apps, so I realize that an SSD for data is not going to give me a 'large' performance kicker.

I really wanted to know if using an SSD for data was 'effectively a total waste of money' on the basis that there would be no noticeable improvement in performance compared to an HDD or whether it is a 'relatively expensive addition to gain maximum performance'. It seems prices have fallen quite a long way and maybe it is about time to move entirely SSD.

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