D800e with 24-70 on a vacation in London?

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London isn't that bad - it depends where of course

quadraticadder wrote:

Hello all.  I'm going on a vacation to London this summer, and I'm worried about taking my D800e with 24-70 kit because of the chance that it will get stolen.  Am I too worried?  Should I leave it home and take a lesser kit (d90 with 24-200 VR, or gasp! a point and shooter?).  I'd leave it around my neck at all times if I took the d800e, and have it insured, but it will stick out like a massive temptation to pick pockets.  I've heard stories of thieves unlatching the lenses, etc.  Opinions?



Hi Steve,

I often travel to London and it really isn't particularly bad - at least if like most people you stay clear of the nasty neighborhoods.

Then let's face it, only a fairly organised gang can make any real money from stealing this kit and resellng.  Anyone else will only make pocket money so really why bother?

My main worry, if i were you, would be that this big and heavy kit will massively reduce my flexibility as a photographer, leading to results that yes will show great quality, but might be much less interesting than if you had carried a smaller lighter camera, or even just an iPhone.  If I were you I would worry about this dimension mostly, rather than theft.

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