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I've have different result with similar experiment

What I did is printing out ( at 13X19 / A3+ size, but the photo is used with entire frame and printed with a slight margin so it can be used to holding the print , usually around 1 inch on the side ) a bunch of captures. with many different camera. All of them are shoot RAW and processed through my own using proper ICC profile from their native capture lens/camera profile, with minimal PP, but those corrected for the print size ( 2 tier of sharpening , some color correction where I miss it at the capture, and some tonal expansion for really low contrast scene ).

I then hand it to the viewer and simply ask them which of them are good for keep / display and which is not ( the original of all this was a friend's wedding and I shoot this session as second to the PRO there ).

The result simply reflect that no one particular format nor camera actually are better always. There were good for display prints that I get from using an old Ricoh GR-D ( 1st generation ) to one that I shoot on a Pentax 645D.

In fact I have similar experiments ( not intentional ) dated back to my film years. I recall the time when I sit down with the 2 models and discuss which of the shoot I take on one the session we have was best .. well , lo behold there is some amazingly colorful pop, wow shoot there but the models all choose to have another as being the best. In fact it was one with a low contrast film ( Agfa Portrait 160 ) and shoot on a cloudy outdoor .. The point here is don't just look at the visual quantified. One can have technically perfect but yet totally boring photo. And this is not any form facotr, format, media or brand dependent. Likewise any decent platform can net you a great photo. Especially with todays current technology

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