Windows 8 desktop or try to find a new computer with windows 7 for photo editing

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Re: Windows 8 desktop or try to find a new computer with windows 7 for photo editing

dradam wrote:

I would still REALLY recommend giving the new interface and some of the apps a chance before jumping right into a launcher.

It's true, on a large desktop screen most of the Windows8 apps are simply too low density with their information to have much advantage over simple web pages.  That said, there are a couple that I have found to be useful.  The Weather app is quite beautiful and presents information in a much more straightforward way than or or the like (and also has the advantage of keeping a live tile with the current conditions).

I like the simple travel app, with its amazing 360 degree images also.
Like that style of simplicity, less text, not crowded lay-out far better than many normal web-browser based websites. It is looking like a luxury book, instead of a screaming "see what I have to offer" bazaar.

And if you still want to see some of those apps together in a separate Window on a normal Desktop, I make use of < ModernMix >

Besides < Classic Shell > , that I have installed. For most used programs, I have set-up several shortcut icons to the normal desktop as I was used in the same way as with my previous OS (XP).
But apart from that, for programs I don't use that much, often I go to the Metro interface and just start typing in the name of the program on the keyboard. The Metro screen is just working as a search option, and you get the program as an icon just in real-time on screen while typing. That is a faster option to find a certain program, than diving into underneath folders and shortcuts of the Classic Shell.

Also when some programs are opened already, often I go to Metro to just open another program by the big icons of Metro, you just get it quick. (As my other icons on the normal desktop are hided by opened programs).

So I should say, get best of both worlds. (A happy Win8 user).

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