2 Sigmas (19&30), or 20mm 1.7

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Re: 2 Sigmas (19&30), or 20mm 1.7

Alumna Gorp wrote:

amalric wrote:

Alumna Gorp wrote:

QuakeO wrote:

I found your review very helpful. I ended up getting the 30mm, and the pan 14mm which came with a body. That way the family walking kit has expanded to an EPL5, GF3, 14mm, 30mm, and 40-140mm. That's pretty good coverage and quality at a good price, I think!

A lot of those 14mm lenses are cheaper bought in kits

The 14 and the 30 is a good choice.

And so is the 19mm, which sits in the middle.


It sure is, I use the 14mm, 19mm and 45mm, my next prime will more than likely be the Sigma 60mm, and I will pass on the 30mm.

We are all different

Nevertheless it is important to defeat lens snobism. Those lenses are a steal.

Unless you are a bokeh maniac, with a high sensitivity sensor what matters is their resolution wide open, which compares with the best, at a fraction of the price.

Sigma has also increased quality control, to avoid sample variation - I read.


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