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Hi everybody,

i'm new to nikon, and my d5200 is my first nikon. i've got a problem in live view mode.

when the camera is in live view mode and i try to photograph in "manual" mode, it doesn't allow me to put the shutter speed lower than 1/50 and the number became yellow, and a yellow movie camera icon apears in higher right corner of the lcd.! what is the problem?

is this mean that i can not take pictures using live view and "manual" mode under 1/50s with niko D5200?


Old thread but look at the description of "manual movie settings" at the top of page 104 in the manual. Turn it off.

Now go to page 226 in the manual and read the part about "full range of shutter speeds not available"...Your answer is all there.  Good Luck

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thanks for your reply

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