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Re: On aspect ratios.

Great Bustard wrote:

boggis the cat wrote:

4:3 is a more efficient use of an image circle than 3:2 -- but, again, if you are discussing lenses designed for the sensor (and thus the aspect ratio) then there is no 'cropping advantage'.

I'm disappointed to see you write that, especially as it has been explained to you so many times before that the most efficienct aspect ratio for a sensor is the aspect ratio that most nearly matches the aspect ratio of the final photo.

Well, this is because you are unable to comprehend what I am saying.

1:1 is the most efficient use of an image circle -- and the efficiency falls as you move away from 1:1.  Thus, 4:3 is more efficient that 3:2, and 3:2 is more efficient than 16:9 etc.

That is simply geometry.

For example, for someone who usually displays their photos 4:3 (or more square), 4:3 is, indeed, the more efficient aspect ratio than 3:2 for the sensor.  For someone like me, on the other hand, who usually displays their photos 3:2 (or more wide), 3:2, in fact, is the more efficient aspect ratio for the sensor than 4:3.

Final use is a much more complex consideration.  If you know that the final use will be e.g. a 1:1 crop or a 2:1 billboard then you can select a format with an appropriate aspect ratio.

In general, however, my view is that using as much of that expensive lens as possible is a good thing (all else being equal).

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