A Pro's opinion of EVF vs OVF

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Re: A Pro's opinion of EVF vs OVF

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Talented, experienced, articulate professional photographer with an interesting, and convincing to me, opinion of mirrored vs. mirrorless cameras and their future.

After using SLRs for 50 years, currently invested in Nikon DX and waiting for the D400, I bought a Nikon 1 V1.  Using it for the past 5 months has brought me to the same conclusion.

I'm hoping Nikon's next major introduction is a DX competitor to the NEX with improved V1 focusing speed and EVF.  That camera could be a smash hit and a huge game changer, IMHO.

At this stage the EVF is a 3 speed bicycle while the OVF is a super bike. Someday the EVF may catch up but not today or anytime soon. And don't forget the extra batteries.

Well, apparently the link above doesn't work, nor did pasting the link in a new window.  I get the error "Kirk's sorry that Blogger messed up and moved the page you're looking for. Home"

Too bad.  His article was very interesting.

My question for anyone reading this is:  Have you actually used and experienced a V1 or V2?  You may be as surprised and impressed with the technology as I was.  Then, maybe not.  No harm - no foul.

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