What Olympus actually promised:

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with all due respect I think you are approaching this from the wrong direction. I think a hybrid has to start with a m4/3 body; you need mirrorless, PDAF on sensor and EVF for it to work. The base mount is m4/3 and when using the body in m4/3 mode the 4/3 mount is retracted back to the body on a helical mount that leaves the 4/3 connections disconnected from any power at the top of the tube. When you want to use 4/3 lenses you rotate the mount ring and the 4/3 mount comes out from the body to the required register distance and the 4/3 power connections which run straight from front to back of the tube rotate down and forward to make contact onto the back of the relevant pins of the m4/3 mount with a detent pin serving to both lock the mount in position and signal that the body is in 4/3 mode. Oh no, there I go again, must learn to patent these ideas before publishing

And if Olympus are reading this and it wasn't the way they were going to do it . . . you're welcome to the idea guys, just send me one of the first production batch in lieu of a fee thanks.


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