My new 6Dcamera was ripped off. Can I GPS it's location?

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Re: My new 6Dcamera was ripped off. Can I GPS it's location?

You must not have read what I posted before moving forward with USPS. Again, I hate to sound cocky about this, but I've been waist deep in eBay dealings for a decade now. I know what I'm talking about and I can help you.

You do not need to concern yourself with whether or not the USPS stole your camera. That is not your problem whatsoever. Again, eBay makes it the seller's responsibility to get the item to you as described. If you receive the item not as described, the seller has to fix it. If the seller thinks it's USPS' fault, then its between the seller and USPS. You are under no obligation whatsoever to pursue USPS for damages or wait for their resolution.

You have to understand that likely nothing will come from the investigation. The seller (ie. shipper) doesn't even have proof of what was in the box before shipping it, down to the second he/she hands possession over to USPS. He/she didn't even insure the package. USPS will not conduct a serious investigation over a claim (from their point of view)( supposed missing contents from a package that wasn't even insured. They will pay you lip service and you will get nothing. The more time you waste doing something you don't have to, the smaller the window you have to actually get things done by going through eBay, especially if the seller is the scammer!

Please just do what I told you to do: Stop talking to the postal service. Respond to the claim on eBay, not PayPal. Forward them pictures of the shipping box. Mention the prepaid label possibly not reflecting the proper weight of the package. Point out the package was not insured and the seller has to take responsibility for you receiving the item not as described. That's it. If you're confused by the website, give a call to eBay (not PayPal) and have them help you.

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