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it was me who bought the 3880 printer recently

.. and I like it,, the 3880,  there is no way, that I am going to recap the expense of the printer and buying paper, compared to sending to MPIX, or another site, but I wanted experiment with having the print the way I like it, and once I printed a large 17 X 22 print, love to look at the print,  I even bought daylight bulbs for the room where the printer is, so as to examine them correctly, (goodbye tungsten, though the yellowish light is what I grew up with and still seems comforting in other parts of the house),,

of course the problem is, how many of these large prints can you hang around your house?,, I also bought a Logan mat cutter, and then went to IKEA to buy some relatively cheap frames, so now I have a new hobby, learning how to cut mats, and frame,, but I agree with some of the other remarks from this thread, if the image isn't good to begin with,, no printer is going to fix that,, quite frankly, almost any camera can take good pics, and with Lightroom or similar, you can adjust, of course how large, one does enlarge, may affect quality, but I have a Bill Turner, print of the Discovery space shuttle taking off, a 20 X 20 print at 5 mg with the E-1 that looks quite good,  so many people here, can make big prints, as long as the image was taken well in the first place.

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