40-150 or 75-300 Oly lens?

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Re: 40-150 or 75-300 Oly lens?

Guy Parsons wrote:

toporossa wrote:

Since the 40-150mm is probably sharper at the long end than the 75-300mm lens, it would be interesting to compare a a native 300mm shot of the longer lens with a 150mm shot of the first lens zoomed in to 300mm with the digital teleconverter of the new Oly cams. I can't do that by myself since I neither own the 75-300 nor one of the cameras with new sensor and DTC.

I did something like that with my E-PL5 and 45-150mm at 150mm and 2x on. After careful fiddling it was better to take the RAW file which was 1x size and use that cropped 2x to give a slightly better result than the 2x DTC jpeg.

Interesting, (OK I don't have the 70-300 to compare) but I had done a bit of testing, though with the EM5 (Digital 2X vs cropping the RAW) and the 40-150 and always was very impressed with the outcome of the OOC JPEG from the camera.

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