D800e with 24-70 on a vacation in London?

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Re: D800e with 24-70 on a vacation in London?

Len_Gee wrote:

similar query and reply recently posted re: safety in London and whether to carry D800e kit.


"UK: personnally got car jacked a few years ago in london and they litterally tried to kill me to get my keys, my wife got followed there while driving and taken hostage for hours to make sure she gives all her belongings, a friend got beaten to the pulp in the middle of the street just to take her ring. These are the ones that come to my mind immediately, but many other stories are available on request. France is bad, but at least I never really felt my life was in major danger there. In the UK, they stab you to steal your chewing-gums..."

Hoping you enjoy your stay in London, but stay ever vigilant?

You have quoted completely out of context and fail to mention that this story is completely uncorroborated and had never been heard of by any of the UK based forum posters. something of this severity would have been all over the national press and TV reports yet nothing was mentioned anywhere.

i can unsure you that London is much safer than many cities, people do not run around with guns, they don't run around with knives, nor are people in London or UK out to rob and fleece tourists.

i have personally wandered round most areas of London, often at night and always with expensive camera gear and never  been so much as questioned by anyone.

The OP may want to look at my website where he can see some classic  tourist of London shots to consider.

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