My new 6Dcamera was ripped off. Can I GPS it's location?

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Re: I have sold on eBay for 10 years - THIS IS THE EASIEST SOLUTION

Your father-in-law purchasing crop insurance is like us purchasing home or auto insurance. These kinds of insurance are issued by companies that protect us from accidents caused by a different party, whether it is nature or a person(s).

The United States Postal Service offers insurance for an added fee against one of their own doing something wrong. Now of course, real accidents can happen and requiring insurance in those situations is fair. However, the way USPS implements their insurance policy is it gives a blank check for their employees to mistreat your packages, tamper with or take the contents, and otherwise do their job poorly.

When you don't purchase crop insurance, it's not like the beetles working for that company now have carte blanche to eat your crops. That is not even close to being a comparable arrangement to what the USPS has. A better comparison is if a restaurant decided to offer insurance, and if you don't purchase it, they are not responsible for whatever food poisoning you might get eating there. Does that sound callous to you? It does to me.

100% private shipping companies like Fedex, UPS, and DHL offer complimentary insurance up to $100 for their packages because as a private enterprise competing in a free market, they could never get away with saying they don't need to be responsible for providing good service if you don't pay a certain fee. Does that mean they inherently cost more to ship than USPS? Not really actually. I almost exclusively ship packages over 2 lbs via Fedex because they either cost the same or less than USPS when we're talking about heavier packages. The fact is, the USPS is a poorly run enterprise that survives only because Congress has its back. I don't know if you work for them or anyone else here does, but don't take it personally.

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