40-150 or 75-300 Oly lens?

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Re: 40-150 or 75-300 Oly lens?

toporossa wrote:

Since the 40-150mm is probably sharper at the long end than the 75-300mm lens, it would be interesting to compare a a native 300mm shot of the longer lens with a 150mm shot of the first lens zoomed in to 300mm with the digital teleconverter of the new Oly cams. I can't do that by myself since I neither own the 75-300 nor one of the cameras with new sensor and DTC.

I did something like that with my E-PL5 and 45-150mm at 150mm and 2x on. After careful fiddling it was better to take the RAW file which was 1x size and use that cropped 2x to give a slightly better result than the 2x DTC jpeg.

But whatever the way, the 2x crop or the 2x DTC image is always derived from 4MP worth of pixels so is limited to screen display or print size approx 8x10 inches or smaller. So limiting to 150mm and then 2x crop or 2x DTC certainly works for non-critical use of the image, saves carrying the bigger and more expensive tele (that goes to 300mm) for only casual shots needed occasionally at the "300mm" setting.

If continually chasing birdlife or African wildlife, then the longer the tele the better, and it sure makes it way nicer to use with preview stabilisation. Such as half press IBIS on the E-M5 (and the incoming E-P5) or use the E-PL5/E-PM2 (and the incoming E-P5) way of using switched or unswitched OIS on the Panasonic lenses for a stabilised view without having to half press. Naturally switched OIS on E-M5 allows a stabilised preview.

Most times though with extreme tele it is the distance involved which is the limiting factor to image quality, short distances fine, long distance then heat bubbles in the air make it lousy, unless shooting when it's cool.

Regards.... Guy

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