Sigma DP1 Merrill pictures: Classic English countryside

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Re: Sigma DP1 Merrill pictures: Classic English countryside

Yes, very true. I think with the Sigma SD1M and the DP1M the pictures look all quite "normal". Sigma made some good improvements here.

While not 100% related, here another story ... Last autumn I had for a short time a Canon 5D (first version) and a Carl Zeiss 25mm f2.8 and the pictures taken with this lens have a rich color to them, which many attribute to the T* coating. Some consider it a very pleasing effect. For some time I wished Sigma would have a similar coating on their lenses, but one day then I was looking at an SD1 picture on the computer screen and said to myself: Yes, this is actually how it looked like when I was taking the picture. The Zeiss lens would not have reflected the reality, but more a saturated version of it.

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