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Re: Nano princess?

rwbaron wrote:

Michael Thomas Mitchell wrote:

Jason Rickerby wrote:

Nano princess,

"Purchased the sony slt a57. Having never taken photos I called that my first real camera."

I must apologize, but you have me somewhat perplexed. According to your postings, you are a relatively new owner of a Sony SLT-A57 camera, and my understanding is that you have also recently started a photography business -, . A business that is apparently so successful that you have little time to learn a new camera? (This comes across as rather immodest, and knowing some professional photographers, also seems somewhat implausible.) The quality of your work seems high and your skill for composition certainly appears well developed. Overall this situation seems highly unusual for a self-professed, relative newcomer.

Do you have prior artistic experience or training, such as painting or some such? Your Facebook page reads like you've taken a photography marketing course.

Best wishes for your photography business.


I am a bit perplexed, too. According to her webpage, she "discovered her passion for photography at an early age". It would be easier to answer questions and offer advise with less confusing picture of her experience level.

Add me to the list of perplexed.  I find it hard to comprehend that this woman has difficulty with basic camera functions after viewing her website.  If she's compiled that portfolio with that Sony in less than a year with no training or formal study then she is one incredibly gifted person.

Well, she friended me on Facebook (we're no longer friends; just long enough to prove to me that I was being dorky doubting her), but I can confirm that her photography improved once she purchased a real camera and started to use it. She's real and she really did go through a growth progression in her photography. It's rapid and certainly quite impressive, but it happened. She has snapshots in early 2012, for example, with a point and shoot and no post processing and nobody would think twice about these photos even though some are compositionally just swell. She was an artist going into photography so it wasn't just a whim thing; she already had talent compositionally and had an eye for beauty, etc. Anyway, kudos to Nano princess.

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