OM-D E-M5 vs E-5 (build quality)

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Another try?

Rriley wrote:

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philosomatographer wrote:

From these prepositions, we can conclude that my statement - "puts mostother systems to shame" - is in fact reasonable. Luckily, now having seen the results of large prints, I do not have to construct logical arguments to prove this point to myself - my eyes did it for me

I have always maintained that this argument holds for the other Olympus Super High Grade lenses also - e.g. the 14-35mm, and the 35-100mm. These lenses have no equal in the world of SLRs (as can be - and has been - demonstrated. Both explicitly, and by logical deduction - such as where these zooms massively outperform Leica M-mount lenses, lenses the superiority of which over typical SLR lenses nobody in their right mind questions).

I don't know much about Canon, Sony, etc., but the general consensus from people who have actually owned both versions of Oly SHG and high-end Nikon "holy trinity" lenses seems to be:

- the 24-70/2.8 is the better workhorse lens than the 14-35/2 (faster AF, wider zoom range, more DOF control, etc.), while the 14-35 is better optically.

have another try [chart]

Why, did not she say the 14-35 is better optically? Or did you mean to debate AF and DoF control?

BW, D3 is not the best example in this comparison, due to the huge pixels and rather strong AA filter (which was needed for the big pixels behind, unlike in compacts). The main purpose of D3 was speed, readiness, and Dr (at that time).

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