DP3M vs NEX 7

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Re: DP3M vs NEX 7

jennyrae wrote:

from reading, adaptation of fix lens is that rear optic sits very close to sensor. something very difficult to do and expensive with interchangeable lens with different focal size. also read something on how rear optic construction and size is specified for camera. the idea does look to suggest to get maximum picture quality output because precision positioning of sensor for particular lens. my understanding one camera body is not only different in lens, but different also in design structure. also make camera and lens, small as possible and cheap. I think this is goal of DP merrill cameras.

if person want to use big generic lens or big sigma interchangeable lens on sigma camera, buy SD camera.

Thanks for your reply, at least you took the trouble to try to expose what you think could be adjusted. The idea to have the optic very near the sensor is sensible, it should limit diffraction depending of the focal lenght, then a standard bayonnet/sensor distance might not be optimum, but I have inter-changeable lenses which protude a lot inside, so this is done. To get a significant difference I believe you must get very tight tolerances, Alpa style, which are probably not in Sigma process, nor any other big brands.

But as you do, I am only guessing, I wish to find a real technical article on the subject.

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