Does it only take a couple of hours to learn all the basics of Photography?

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2 + 4 Hours Only

tedolf wrote:

LincolnB wrote:

tedolf wrote:


I must be a really, really slow learner.


Well, yeah you are.

If the "basics" are defined as ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed, and White Balance then sure, that can be learned in a couple of hours. Putting it into practice may take much, much longer.

To me the basic concepts of photography are:

exposure control (aperture, shutter speed, ISO);

DOF control;

focal lenght control (depth compresson/expansion);

lighting contol (flash, reflectors, use of shade);

WB control (setting a manual WB with a white/grey target);

controling subject motion blur (shutter speed);

controling camera motion blur (panning);

how and when to use a tripod; and

the basic rules of composition.

If the "basics" are defined as the RTFM for a Panasonic camera, then no it can't be deciphered in just a couple of hours.

If you spend one hour per day, three times per week learning these concepts and about one hour per week reviewing them to the point where you could recall them on a test I think it would take about four months for someone who was learning them for the first time.


64 hours is way too slow and inefficient.

To explain/read the concepts, one hour. Study the concepts and try it out with a camera at one's own pace, one more hour.

To fine tune and burn in the skills, four more hours. Here is how:

1. Pick one night in a relatively low light location so that say ISO 400 would not do the job right.

2. Use manual controls only. No auto aperture, no auto shutter, no auto ISO, no auto focus.

3. Start taking photos. After each one is taken, spent 10 seconds and no more than 10 seconds looking at it to check what is wrong and guess what should be changed. Make the change and shoot again.

4. Repeat the same for the next 4 hours. Take very short break if needed.

That is it. 6 hours all in one day.

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