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Re: Question About OM-D / Nex : end of story

Sergey Borachev wrote:

kcamacho11 wrote:

Yes, I think I am getting the NEX-7.

From what you said, it seems that the most important thing to you is having the utmost IQ for landscape shooting and this over rides other things that most of us also seek in a camera system.  If so, I suggest, if you have not done so, also checking the Fuji cameras before making your decision, as I believe they have the best mirrorless camera for landscape shooting, if other features are not important.  The Fuji cameras have really nice IQ, DR200 and 400, colours, and a growing number of quality lenses for landscape, which is lacking in the NEX system, e.g. wide and fast primes like the XF 14mm f/2.8 and XF 18mm f/2.  Good luck.

I am not a fan of Fuji. First of all, the X-E1 and the XPro1 are quite expensive.  Yes, the image quality output is fantastic, but I rather pay a similar or less amount for something that will give me more for the money I am paying. "Pound for pound" per say, as in functionality, HD video, features, etc.......
I tried the X-E1 at a local store once and I was no impressed with the camera itself. It had below average AF speed, and it hunted for years in low light (This is the main knock on the camera. AF system is inferior to its competitors). Furthermore, their lens selection is more scarce and  expensive than Sony's, IMO.

Sony NEX line has quite a few lens available. The Sigma 19 F2.8, the Sigma 30 F2.8, the Sony 50 F1.8, Sony 35 F1.8, Sony 16 F2.8, Sony 20 F.28, and the Zeiss 24 F1.8....all are extremely affordable except the Zeiss which is very expensive.....not to mention the cheaper NEX 55-210 tele lens, compared to the Fuji, and there is even an NEX 10-18 ultra wide zoom. There were 2 new Zeiss Tuit lens released for NEX cameras, and Sony is coming out with 2 more lens by early 2014.
I believe one is a new telephoto (possible the 70-300 or 70-200 F4), and the other is a new wide angle mid-range zoom (16-80).

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