The proof is in the printing ...

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Re: The proof is in the printing ...

I had the 510 but traded it in on an E-3 after I had severe focus problems with it using the 50 - 200 mk I in low contrast conditions in Alaska's Misty Fjords.  The combo did not work well together in those conditions often failing to focus and requiring a restart to continue.  I blamed the camera and sent it for repair.  Came back, no change so I traded it.  Still have problems occassionally with the E-3 and that lens in low light, but not frequently.  I really liked the feel of the 510 better than the E-3 size and weight wise.  Am really hoping that if a new E-x series comes out it is little smaller and lighter than the E-3/5 models.  I have never been disappointed in the results I have gotten from any Olympus camera I have owned going all the way back to the SP rangefinder which I wish I had not traded in towards my OM-1.  Olympus glass is first class now and was then.

Now a question about your experience with your new printer.  Any ideas at this point in time about the cost to print an 11 x 14?  If you don't use it regularly (likely not a problem for you at this point) will the inks dry up?  I bought a Canon Pro9000 Mark II quite some time ago and really haven't used it enough to justify its purchase.  I still use the 6600D for the majority of my prints.  I am glad to hear about your experineces with your new Epson.


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