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Michael Thomas Mitchell wrote:

It is perfectly understandable to me where some confusion may lie. On the one hand, you are a professed beginner. On the other hand, in an extremely short period of time, you have not only developed an very strong sense of your own style, but also what appears to be an impressive clientele. And to that, I would say that some of us, including myself, are somewhat stunned and impressed. It probably takes most photographers years of study to both master their craft AND develop their own identifiable style. Considering that you bought your first camera just last October, and presuming that the many photos on your website were not all taken yesterday but over a period of at least months, you did all that -- while at the same time being a busy mom and concrete business owner -- in literally weeks. And of course, the photos also exhibit an extensive collection of sets and props, as well as digital manipulation skills. And while the particular style is not to my own taste, it is nonetheless highly marketable and obviously successful.

So, do not be surprised at others' confusion. You've obviously shattered the mold that many photographers aspire to, achieving far more in an incredibly small period of time. So much so, in fact, that some might find it unbelievable. I will just say that, for my part, if you are being honest, you have much to be proud of. My only advise would be to show a bit more respect towards those who have put YEARS of their lives into learning and who may understandably find that your story lacks credibility.

Oh I understand now.  I truly meant no disrespect.  I promise you if you knew me you would be floored at my life.  The different roads I have been on.  I did to back into my own website and change the aboit me so as to not confuse.  If I was confusing.  Yes...I bought the slt a57 in Oct.  by February I was taking so many photos for free of friends and family babies.  Buying and making more pryour then you can imagine just because I was having so much fun.  Yes I don't know where it came from.  Just wham..and I mean whammO.  The photos all on my business FB page have been since November.  A lot were friends and family friends etc.  then two months ago I did get really really really busy.  I started charging so those photos are all on my FB page too.   ButI I do not think of it as me,  it's GOD.  What I get, when I from God.  That is how I beleworld god works.  I never thought that any of you thought I might be good.  I doubted my own self.  Because it came all way too fast.  Real fast.   Shockingly fast.  I know my style is not for all but in the world  of who Iam connected too in photography it's a lot like those I admire.  I look through my eve now that I have learned the technical word for it and see how a photo will looa readjust it manually.  Snap... But before that yes their are tons of props and backdrops going on.  Then all the editing which some love and some hate.  But I offer the sooc too.  Different styles of edits as well.  I never thought I would have confused you all.  Maybe that is again because Iam new at this.  I don't know how the photography world  works.  I just know what I do.  How to get better and how to succeed in this buisness if the good Lord chooses so.  I was so upset earlier because I lost my patience because I truly couldn't figure out why and how people seemed to be acting towards me,  my normal daily life is not like that.  I just want to learn.  Blessings

Oh and if you don't beleive Iam all new at this.  Send me your FB page.  Personal one,  I will befriend you with mypersonal one and you just scroll through me and you will no doubt.  Say..she did just get that camera in oct.  she is a mom, she omg,  just went out and purchased and made a zillion props in a couple of months and yes..she is real as real can be.  She is who she is in a few months regardless if I like her style or not.  Big hugs

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