Birding and the D7100

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Re: Birding and the D7100

Alton (TN) wrote:

I am considering the D7100 for birding. This would be my first Nikon since the film days. I do not have any Nikon glass so I am considering the D7100 and 1 lens to start.

Can anyone share with me their experience so far with this camera and what lens you are using for birding?

I am currently using the Canon 7D and 5DIII. Most of the time I use the 400 F5.6L or Sigma 50-500 and I am reasonably happy with the results. I am not doing what many refer to as "jumping ship". I plan to keep (and upgrade) my current gear. I may be different in believing that I can own and enjoy both systems, but that is what I plan to do and is why I am asking.

I know the D7100 hasn't been out long, but I would love to see some bird pictures and know what lens was used.

Also, please share your experience with 3rd party lens and "not high end" lens from Nikon. In other words, not the $5K+ long lens but something that gets the job done just the same.


I would highly recommend the Nikon 300mm F4. It's ~$1500.00 new, but can be had for ~$850.00 used. Coupled to a 1.4 TC gets you 420mm f5.6, without a big hit to image quality. Most of the wildlife pictures in my gallery are with the 300mm f4, with or without the tc. If you have a little more money to spend ($2600.00) the brand new 80-400mm looks great. Unless you're really intent on only spending $500-600, I wouldn't go for the 70-300; not that it's bad, but for just a couple hundred more, you could have the 300mm f4 which is excellent and behaves well with a teleconverter if you want more than 300mm reach.

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