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Question About OM-D / Nex : end of story

kcamacho11 wrote:

rrr_hhh wrote:

If you think that the Nex will be better for you, then get a Nex. But make it based on an informed research. Just for the record, DXO mark have tested the 20mm Pancake on the Nex-7 and they don't get more resolution than good lenses on 16mb MFT cameras. Here is their conclusion :

In summary the main advantages the Sony E 20mm f/2.8 lens has to offer are convenience thanks to its lightweight ‘pancake’ design, wide-angle field of view and ‘fast’ f/2.8 maximum aperture. Optically it’s far from perfect and although Sony have minimised chromatic aberration, sharpness score of 10 P-Mpix is too low for a lens mounted on a 24-megapixel sensor. Some minor barrel distortion is also evident too and lens shading at the maximum f/2.8 aperture requires correction in post-production. If it’s a small and portable high quality camera you require for street photography or photojournalism the Nikon Coolpix A boasts better image quality and value for money, but doesn’t offer the flexibility of the Sony NEX interchangeable lens system.

On MFT cameras, the 25mm Panasonic is also getting a sharpness score of 10P-Mpix.. and this was using a GH2 with an older sensor than the Sony one available in the last Olympus generation cameras.

So no, the total number of pixels present on the sensor isn't everything. Using a good lens is important and there are better lenses available for the MFT format than for the Nex. Although I have read good things about the new 16-50mm available on the Nex-6 (but not sold in kit with the Nex-7)

The best affordable prime lens for the NEX system is the 35 F1.8 which has gotten great reviews. It is the sharpest prime lens available for NEX under $500, and second sharpest overall after the Zeiss 24 F1.8.

Anyways, if you are referring to DXO as far as ratings go, then I should pay attention to the sensor comparison between the OM-D and the NEX-7.

Both are Sony sensors, so there are no biased opinions there. DXO's ratings say the NEX-7 is superior without a doubt.

I know the total number of pixels in a sensor isn't everything, but DXO claims much more Dynamic Range, bit color depth and high ISO performance on the NEX-7.

I am not saying the OM-D is not capable, I am sure it is great....but I believe you gotta have some real nice glass on it for it to truly excel and obtain image quality that is on par with APS-C cameras. So I am not willing to drop $2000 + on a M43 camera system, just so it can be about the same image quality as cameras with larger sensors. I can grab a new NEX-7, with the kit lens, 55-210 and 35 F1.8, and 50 F1.8 for just around $2000.

By the way, the opinions in comparisons between the 16-50 and 18-55 NEX lens have gone both ways. There are many that claim the 18-55 is sharper overall, and some say the 16-50 is the better lens. I personally do not like the 16-50. You have to wait about 2 seconds when you turn the camera on for the 16-50 to extend and be ready for use, and the same when you turn it off for it to retract.

Look at the DXO  measurements carefully, not only at the final scores. Save for the two lower ISO positions, the Nex-6 and E-M5 are performing better than the Nex-7. This is true for most measurements, for noise, for DR and for color sensitivity. Unless you plan to use the Nex-7 a lot at the lowest ISO, you will get a better performance from the two others. The Nex-7 is for shooting landscape at low or very low ISO and you need to use a very good lens to benefit of the higher resolution.

But you are the one who will use the camera and so you have to take the camera with which you feel most comfortable. If you think that the Nex-7 will be a superior camera, then get it, or you will always think that if your pictures aren't that great it is because of the camera.

As for the price, here the E-M5 cost only 100$ more than the Nex-7 and there is a great choice of MFT lenses, some very good and cheap and some bad and cheap and some excellent and expensive. I think that when you count everything, the E-M5 and Nex-7 should cost more or less the same and will be a smaller outfit. I think that the Nex-7 is an older camera than the E-M5 it was issued the year before, in 2011. You can get the same outfit with the E-M5 and still be under 2000$ too. You could even be able to get one more lens.

But get a Nex : with both your brother and wife having one, you'll be able to share lenses, especially with your wife. And if she has a Nex-6, then take a Nex-7 : you will be complementary, she will have better low light pictures and you will have better landscape pictures in good light. If she has a Nex-7 then take the Nex-6. End of story. Enjoy shooting in family and sharing your passion .. don't quarrel for the lenses

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