Would you take your D800E and lenses on a trip to Europe?

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Re: Would you take your D800E and lenses on a trip to Europe?

I have a business and have insurance but I would still not take my good gear on a trip unless it was a paid job for which my images would need to meet a certain standard. If it is a vacation, it is a time to relax and enjoy your atmosphere and not have a camera stuck to your face most of the time. Also I dont get the majority of vacation photos being looked at as something that requires quality equipment. What will become of the images? will they end up on facebook or just in a folder? Most likely the places of most interest have already been photographed with great detail by professionals and even at that they are often passed by with a quick glance. I dont think a photo of me or my family at a historic site or cool place is going to need my best gear and it would have far more meaning to have a quick snapshot that has us in it and keep it moving. Yes some people will print large images and hang them up and even if that is the goal, a much more compact option may still do the job. A vacation is time to relax and have fun and worrying about my nice gear or a robbery is not my idea of relaxing or having fun. If you have the funds to just shrug a shoulder should it happen, by all means take what you want with you but if you dont and want to relax, take a compact option that is not expensive like a d800e

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