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Re: Question About OM-D for the OM-D Users

kcamacho11 wrote:

rrr_hhh wrote:

It is difficult to compare those two sets : the pictures of your brother have been shot with punchy settings : when you add contrast and saturation, the pictures look sharper. I think that there may be a problem with the pictures of the other guy : downsizing algorithm ? Bad lens ? Less punchy settings ?  It is difficult to tell, but you can't compare and draw conclusion only based a upon these two sets of pictures.

Take a look at Bob Tullis pictures  and tell me whether they look sharp enough to your eyes.

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I agree, but the comparison in color, sharpness and just image quality as a whole between those sets of pictures and my brother's is quite alarming. The colors are even completely off in the OM-D settings.

By the way I was able to ask the OM-D user who took those pics, and he said the lens used in the
OM-D photos was the kit 14-42, in the standard jpeg settings. My brother used the kit 18-55 for most of them, except the ones in the zoo which he took with the 55-210, standard jpeg settings as well.

Either way, with the APS-C 24MP sensor, and having the ability to use focus peaking with any lens you put on it, I'm gonna get the NEX-7. It is a tough choice, but I prefer the better detail for my landscape photos.

I don't understand why you are focalizing on this particular set of pictures. Look at the GetDpi website for good pictures taken with the E-M5 or E-Pl5 or other MFT cameras.This is a forum where few photographers are participating, but they are rather good ones in general, above what you usually see on the net.

So take a few time to look at these huge pictures threads (the pictures are inserted in the discussion flow). More than gear, people discuss pictures; each pictures thread started a few years ago and there are many pages to view. Don't stop at the last page, look at the previous pages too.

Fun with the E-M5

Fun with the E-Pl5 :

Fun with MFT cameras in general :

The same website also has Sony and Nex threads. So look at the Nex threads, for instance :

Fun with the Nex-7

and Fun with the Nex-6

Then, after you have seen what good photographers are doing with your tools, take a more informed decision.

My take on this is that between an E-M5 and a Nex-6 which both have 16MB there is not a lot of difference and what makes the difference is the talent of the photographer more than the intrinsic qualities of the camera.

If you think that the Nex will be better for you, then get a Nex. But make it based on an informed research. Just for the record, DXO mark have tested the 20mm Pancake on the Nex-7 and they don't get more resolution than good lenses on 16mb MFT cameras. Here is their conclusion :

In summary the main advantages the Sony E 20mm f/2.8 lens has to offer are convenience thanks to its lightweight ‘pancake’ design, wide-angle field of view and ‘fast’ f/2.8 maximum aperture. Optically it’s far from perfect and although Sony have minimised chromatic aberration, sharpness score of 10 P-Mpix is too low for a lens mounted on a 24-megapixel sensor. Some minor barrel distortion is also evident too and lens shading at the maximum f/2.8 aperture requires correction in post-production. If it’s a small and portable high quality camera you require for street photography or photojournalism the Nikon Coolpix A boasts better image quality and value for money, but doesn’t offer the flexibility of the Sony NEX interchangeable lens system.

On MFT cameras, the 25mm Panasonic is also getting a sharpness score of 10P-Mpix.. and this was using a GH2 with an older sensor than the Sony one available in the last Olympus generation cameras.

So no, the total number of pixels present on the sensor isn't everything. Using a good lens is important and there are better lenses available for the MFT format than for the Nex. Although I have read good things about the new 16-50mm available on the Nex-6 (but not sold in kit with the Nex-7)

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