Ricoh GR owners. AF speed, Iso question. And rx100 comparison?

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Re: Ricoh GR owners. AF speed, Iso question. And rx100 comparison?

Kodachrome200 wrote:

also any ISO and image quality to the RX100 is foolish the GR will monsters it. the GR is more aptly compared in IQ to top of the line apsc dslrs.

If you mean it is a monster (magnitude) better, I would beg to differ.

Looking at the sensor sizes first:

1/1.8" 38 mm2 (like org. GR Digital)
Sony 1" 123 mm2 is 3.2x more than 1/1.8"
APS-C 370 mm2 is 3x more than 1"
35mm full frame 860 mm2 is 2.3x more than APS-C

- there is an obvious progression in terms of area here, and it does say something about light gathering quality and noise level, but not all. Still - the RX100 is not bad. Where the GR can do ISO 3200 pretty good, the RX100 does ISO 1600 pretty good. You can compare yourself in the DPR studio-scene page

Lenses also comes into play. The RX100 28-100mm Zeiss 1.8 lens is quite good, but can't compete with a HQ fixed 28 mm like on the GR - at 28mm. Obviously the fixed 28mm will not let you zoom at all.

Autofocus wise I find the RX100 to be surprisingly good, maybe even better than the GR in some situations. I have only spent some minutes with the GR, but it was good too.

You can compare a GR to a high-end APS-C SLR with a HQ 28mm fixed lens, and it will fit in your pocket, but IMO you can compare a RX100 to a medium quality APS-C SLR with a kit zoom lens, and that is also quite an achievement, considering that it too will fit your pocket.


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