I swear that I can get effects and looks in DPP that I can't with LR

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Re: Is the converse also true?

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Can you get results in LR that you can't in DPP?

Sure, there are literally thousands of presets for LR that PN doesn't have. All applied with the click of a button.

Maybe I'm a bit old school or a snob, but why use someone else's presets/looks instead of creating your own? Isn't that a bit like cheating or removing individualism in our art? I'm not saying it's wrong, but I have never understood this need. To each their own I suppose.

Personally I have no need for presets, as I see every image as it's own individual piece requiring it's own individual attention. Although I've used ACR for years, I've recently started going down the PN route, it's a great raw processor. Not only is it great, but picturecode claims it also runs well under wine+linux for those who might be looking to get away from Windows or Mac OS + Adobe products.

If you're a professional photo retoucher then sure, make your own. I'm a photographer, and I'd like to spend time taking photos, not making presets that have already been made by professional retouchers. No, it isn't cheating at all, its saving your time. Also, my presets are made in a way that I could literally make my own preset by using them individually, so I could make any look I want with a couple clicks. It isn't just one preset that does 50 things to EACH photo.

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