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Re: Is the OM-d a good beginner's camera?

Beginner of what?

Beginner at taking photography seriously? - yes

Beginner at taking P&S photos? - no

IMO, the purchaser of ANY interchangeable lens camera should intend to learn about photography. Otherwise, there are too many very good compact cameras available. The long standing crippling drawbacks (slow focusing, slow lenses, noisy sensors) of compact cameras have largely been eliminated.

I don't have an E-M5 but I've not seen anything that indicates to me that they are harder to learn to use than any other Oly M4/3 camera. I've owned the Panny GF3 and the GX1 and the G3. The menu systems are almost identical. Lenses are removed exactly the same way. Lens options are identical and behave the same way.

What makes the E-M5 more complicated than the E-PM2 or E-PL5 (which are often suggested as alternatives)?

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