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Peter71951 wrote:

The Fujifilm HS50 IQ is about 6 years of technical development better than the IQ of the Fujifilm S100fs. My S100fs is collecting dust on the shelf. I offer you mine for let's say $1200,- Is it a deal?

You tell us how bad the S100fs is then offer to sell it for $1200. LOL!. I have never seen an image from a HS series that comes close to the S100fs at base ISO. 6 years of development has led to tinier sensors with longer focal lengths and better high ISO performance. Unfortunately IQ at high ISO is good for nothing on these cameras and they still need to be shot in lots of light at long focal lengths. So guess what, the S100fs still trumps them despite its flaws. IQ is an afterthought for a community that accepts blurry, websized, camera phone images as great artistic content. Fabulous advancement.

PS: I'll give you $200 for you crap s100fs.

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Apologies if my lack of photographic knowledge is catching.

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