Thinking of buying the Sony 18-135 lens

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Re: I think if you buy the Sony 18-135 lens

VPic wrote:

Question on the same lens.

I got this lens with SONY a77 kit. I also have TAMRON 18-270 (current version), is one of the lens redundant and I should sell or they both have their advantages?

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That's personal taste, you have to decide that one.

Speaking for myself I look back at images I made with the super zooms like that Tamron you have and don't miss those lenses, especially the telephoto shots. Very low contrast and hazy detail.

I personally find that the 18-135mm focal length is just about right for a lot more situations I thought it would be. My ideal zoom though, would be a 16-135mm f/2.8-4. That would be a pretty big lens even with today's optical advances, but when I'm already carrying a big DSLR, so what if the lens is a big bigger.


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