My new 6Dcamera was ripped off. Can I GPS it's location?

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I have sold on eBay for 10 years - THIS IS THE EASIEST SOLUTION

I have used eBay for 10 years and have sold almost $45,000 worth of items on eBay over the past decade. I speak from experience here.

From what you posted, your shipment was shipped via USPS and without insurance. The fact that insurance was not purchased means USPS is absolved of all responsibility over the condition of the package. Yes, it is absolutely most pathetic business policy ever - the postal service actually says that if you don't purchase insurance, they are not responsible AT ALL for loss or damage. Only a government-subsidized, anti-trust exempt organization can get away with something so callous.

So that means whether or not you think a postal worker stole the camera is completely irrelevant. If you file a complaint, maybe USPS does an internal investigation, and anything coming from that is as likely as Beyonce showing up at your doorstep to serenade you to cheer you up.
Now it is solely between you and the seller. eBay in this situation, believe it or not, will side with you if you go through the proper channels and file your complaint in the most succinct and effective way. Theoretically, you could be making this story up (I assume you're not), but eBay won't care. They always give the buyer the benefit of the doubt. They have business reasons to do so (they have a monopoly on auction selling, but not on buying), and also business culture in our country is one that emphasizes customer's rights over everything else.

What makes this case an even bigger slam dunk for you is that since 2009, eBay has made it the responsibility of the seller to purchase insurance for their shipments. This means that while they can still decide not to insure their packages, they assume all responsibility for any damage or loss that may be incurred from shipment.  So even if your seller isn't the one at fault here and USPS is, it doesn't matter. The seller is responsible for getting the item to you and they will cry tears of blood when they realize their colossal indiscretion of saving a few bucks on insurance will cost them thousands in the end.

Here is the gameplan: Take pictures of the shipping box. You said the box was not damaged and did not show signs of tampering - emphasize that. Then take a picture of the shipping label and show that it was a prepaid label, meaning the weight could have been falsified. Then in your claim, state that the package must not have contained the actual camera when it left the seller's possession. Whether or not you are unsure if you can rule out the postal service is irrelevant - it is the seller's responsibility to purchase insurance and they will be told this by eBay. EVEN IF the seller was smart enough to have video documentation of the box contents before handing them over to a USPS employee (which if they were, they would've been careful enough to purchase insurance) and said video proved that a camera was in the box at the time of the seller leaving the package with USPS, it's still their responsibility to insure the shipment! You still win!

The moral of this story is the eBay system is actually favor of buyers. There are a lot of posters in this thread that are saying to themselves they'll never purchase from eBay something expensive like this based on your experience, but in reality, it's the sellers who should avoid selling expensive things on eBay. Don't be wishy-washy when you file the claim. Don't talk about your uncertainty over whether or not USPS is responsible or other irrelevant hypotheticals. The most important facts are: 1. you did not receive a camera 2. the seller did not insure the package 3. the seller is responsible for not getting the item to you. Good luck.

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