Testing the new LED100WA-56 Light with Bowens Softbox Mount

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Re: Testing the new LED100WA-56 Light with Bowens Softbox Mount

1) The actual LUMENS... (Ordered a Lumen Meter today)

That is great

2)  How they work in a room with big windows letting in outdoor light...

Should enough

3)  How much brighter the 200WA unit will actually be.

The big question

4)  Best modifier for a "hair Light"... Snoot,, Bare Reflector, Small Softbox, Small Strip Softbox.

Any of that I like to use small softboxes for photo bare reflector is a bit too harsh but that depends on the model as well.

5)  Whether it makes a difference if the softbox is lined with silver or white

Generally the silver is stronger does reflect more light, I still don't understand why a wight inner surface is better???

6)  Can GOLD lined umbrellas be used to match heavily predominant incandscent lighting when needed?  (Have to do this in some conference rooms at times)

Well, no the gold is probably too strong, too yellowish. The best is if you can gel the flash...


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