What Olympus actually promised:

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Re: High Angst always precedes the typical 3-4 year upgrade.

alfredbomping wrote:

it's because the E-X series is already a bit behind the curve specs wise ( compared to other semi pro DSLR like D300, 7D ) at the time of announcement.

Not only that, but for nearly the entire time that the Olympus 4/3's system has been in existence, the sensor, in my opinion, has been the shot in the foot of a host of innovations that potentially could have put Olympus on top of the market. What good is all the telecentricity in the world if it's recorded on an inferior medium? Back in the days before digital, there was so much emphasis put on the film. Any optical improvements must be made in addition to, and not in lieu of good film. Instead, for the entire time I've been an Olympus DSLR user, we've had to work around the sensor. Now we have one, and of all people, the "pro" camera buyers and users are the last to see it in a body WE can use.

Also 3-4 year upgrade cycle is already an eternity in today's tech hungry world. They should offer a incremental upgrade model in between major upgrade similar to what Apple is doing with the iPhone 4 to 4s to 5. Just my 2 cents.

The upgrade cycle would not be quite as critical if, as in your point above, the current offering at least started out at the cutting edge of the technology at the time.


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