FL600 vs FL50R

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Re: FL600 vs FL50R

RamblinR wrote:

For those that do event work, how have you found the power of the FL600 for your work (bouncing light etc)?  Is it powerful enough?

Is the FL50R a better choice for this purpose?

Really interested in comments from those that have both flashes.  How is the recycle time of the FL50R compared to the FL600.

Comments on either flash welcomed.


FL600R is smaller so less overwhelming when mounted on the camera.

FL50R is considerably more powerful and this power is needed for larger rooms halls etc. Very Bulky when mounted on camera so best mounted off camera

Metz 52 AF-1 has much the same functionality & power output as the 50R for just over half the cost.

Manual flash. I use up to 4 Yongnuo manual flash units off camera. I prefer to use manual flash & I don't find this any more difficult than using ttl. The only problem I have had with these is that I could not get them to work with radio triggers so having to use the luminance slave trigger mode. This means that I have to have a flash on or connected to the camera to provide the trigger, and cannot use this system where others are also using cameras with flash. If these limitations present a problem I have to use my Nikon cameras which do work with Yongnuo RF603 radio triggers.

If you just want a small flash to use in ttl mode on-camera then the Nissin Di466 is quite nice (bounces but doesn't swivel though. The Metz 52 AF-1 is what I would go for if you want more power although its a larger gun can make for awkward handling. In this situation I use my left hand to hold the body of the flash if hand holding or use a tripod. I prefer to take a flash this size off the camera though.



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