D800e with 24-70 on a vacation in London?

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Re: D800e with 24-70 on a vacation in London?

I've lived my whole life in London and grew up in rougher areas then you'll ever end up in. I have never had a single thing stolen from me. I carry a camera around with me all day, everyday and the worse I've ever gotten is, "Don't take a picture of me!" When out doing some street photography.

London is a super safe city, you'd have to either be one of the unluckiest people in the world or a total clown to have any trouble. I'm not saying there has never been a crime committed, but I have literally never heard of anyone I know losing a camera. Though everyone I know is either local, or a well-travelled expat.

Of course if you are a complete idiot, wandering around with some baggy walmart jeans, a douchy mouth & chin beard, baseball cap and a big old DSLR swinging around your neck you are going to attract attention. People are going to say, "This guy looks like a mark, clueless hick from bubbleford US of A, probably won't know what hit him." Then you might have issues because what criminals there are, go for the lowest hanging fruit. American and Asian tourists tend to be the most clueless, so they get into trouble. I'm aware of Romanian pick-pocket gangs on the Tube, that is the only risk you'll probably face. Just don't make it obvious you are from out of town and you'll be OK.

I have used a D700 and 24-70 in London. It's an effective kit, but I wouldn't actually use one if I was you. I tend to use a Ricoh point and shoot 99% of the time. Either an old film GR1v or a random digital GR. If I'm going to use my D700, I take a wide prime 20mm AF-D or 35mm AF-D. A 50mm 1.8G also comes out from time to time. You might get bored of lugging around a 24-70 all day and I rarely get beyond 50mm when I use mine. Also ditch the Nikon strap, it will make you stick out a bit and they suck comfort wise.


1) Get insurance

2) Take a fujifilm x100(s), Ricoh GR, or compact primes, instead of a large zoom

3) Don't look or act like a dumb tourist

4) Avoid estates and other public housing in places you are not familar with

5) Don't take any sh*t from anyone who isn't carrying a weapon, the chances are they won't do anything if you just ignore, or stand up to them

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