D800, don't dump your AI/AIS lenses ;)

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Re: Help! Problems with this Combo - Re: D800, don't dump your AI/AIS lenses ;)

I solved the problem. It was simply a faulty lens. I took it back to the store and they exchanged it for a 135mm F2.8. The 105mm was super sharp and I was sad to give it up.

I consequently found a mint 105mm F2.5 AIS with the built-in hood. Compared to the old 105 AI, the focus ring is stiffer, but crucially, it isnt as sharp (especially wide open) and the colours are more neutral. That old 105 AI was obviously a good copy - sharp, punchy colours and smooth action. I found another old 105 AI in another store that I will buy to compare with the 105 AIS. Hopefully it is also a stunner like the first one. If so, I'll sell the 105 AIS.

The 135mm F2.8 that I aquired is also a super sharp lens. Wide open, it is dreamy with very shallow depth of field. Overall it is fantastic and surprised me somewhat with its character.

These old Ai lenses - especially the 105mm and the 135mm that I've tried - work great on a D800. They slow you down in a positive way - so you have to really think about what you're doing and they are extremely fun. They take you back to another era and the results speak for themselves.

The resolving power is plenty good enough to be used on D800.

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