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Re: OMD settings: beginner

Sergey Borachev wrote:

Kewee wrote:

My suggestion is take notice of Sergey Borachev, his is very sound advice. You have three simple settings to choose from while your learning. The OM-D is a wonderful camera to grow into.

Once again Tedolf suggests it's a waste of money to buy more than your experience requires. He appears to make the assumption that as you use your camera you'll be incapable of learning and growing into it. Ignore his insulting advice and enjoy the learning curve as your experience grows.

What I will never do is defend what cannot be defended. I criticise my own camera and point out its faults, just like I do with other models and brands.  I think it is a huge waste of these user forums if people just come to hype their own purchased equipment without mentioning the problems and their own requirements or limited applications.  I think that would make everyone learn better and purchase better, and also cope better with weaknessses (which exist with anything).  That's why I mention everything, warts and all, especially the warts, that I know so others can consider carefully and fully. I think it is also important to see from the perspective of any advice seeker, looking at their requirements, their situation (growth in the hobby, financials, interests, capability, time available,... ) and not assume anything when making advice.  Thanks.

Sergey I hope you realize the first sentence of my posting was complementing you on the advice you gave the OP.

The second part of my posting was not directed at you in any way. I was being critical of the advice TedoLF was giving and his somewhat condescending attitude toward the OP.

Cheers Sergey.

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