Google+ Auto Enhance, how to replicate in Lightroom?

Started May 27, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Google+ Auto Enhance, how to replicate in Lightroom?

After much frustration when picasa silenetly auto enhanced my album, I have noticed the following. All of this can be done manually in Lightroom.

- Corrects exposure, brings out shadows. It does not know that the photo was intended to be underexposed, eg, silouette.

- Enhances skin tones by brightening them and adding saturation. It seems to do this regardless of how bright it was before the enhancement which leads to overexposed photos.

- If google detects lines and patterns in the photo, it will increase contrast and clarity... by a lot.

- If google detects faces in the photo, it will apply circular gradient around the face for a vignetting effect. Too much for my taste. We will get this tool in LR5.

- Colours selectively get extra saturation. Eg, flowers, blue sky, grass, red dress

Overall, I think google did a good job. If it can work with RAW files, it will be an amazing tool. Lightroom on the other hand is way behind... it does not even have face recognition!

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