What Olympus actually promised:

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The problem with such complicated solutions, involving many moving parts is just that: they are complicated and (etc.)

that depends on how they can be accomplished, for instance. A type of narrow ram with encapsulated oil reservoir with the valving adjusted so finely it allows you to move it by hand, but is strong enough to support the tailgate of a hatchback, those are common.

Yes...but in the -30C winters here, the already-replaced ones on our Previa slam down so quickly that they pose an amputation risks.  We're talking about 150,000 or so actuations in widely varying conditions.

But while one that effectively focusses both FGT and mFT lenses - without an adapter, even - might be a cause for celebration, I'd much prefer an updated fairly conventional DSLR over something that had Rube Goldberg on the design team!

in balance an SLR seems more likely
Im a little shy of trying to think how to say what they will do though
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Exactly, and while I'd love to to see yet another great display of Olympus' inovativeness, I'd also prefer them not to risk what's left of the farm.  A couple of days ago a friend showed me some pics and video he'd taken with his Canon Ti3.  As it came on, it boasted of its sensor cleaning.  Then he showed me the video Live View -another silly Olympus solution looking for a problem- had pioneered.

As Jared Diamond explains in his brilliant GUNS, GERMS AND STEEL, innovation, by itself, is seldom a great success.  it has to be introduced at the right time, at the right place, in the way...and lots of marketing also really helps.

So even something as frankly "klunky" but apparently affective as the Sony adapter, alongside a decent new DSLR or two might be enough.  Much simpler than the rather bizarre idea of a biggish "pro"-body somehow also accommodating the shallow mFT flange.  I'm sure that I'm not alone in preferring to carry two cameras, and mFT bodies make the chore pretty easy anyway.

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