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Re: I ditched a NEX-7 for an OM-D

kcamacho11 wrote:

I found the pics I was referring to which did not look good to me. I saved them and had to upload them through here. For some reason, these photos just do not look sharp. Some looked washed out or out of focus.....I'm not even sure what to call them.

Can anyone explain what the problem could be?

I started to comment with the last picture (comments are always made under a picture), so it would make more sense to read from the last picture up to the first, in reverse order.

You should talk with the guy who took the pictures to know how he treated these pictures, what settings he chose and which lens he was using. May be it wasn't a very good lens ? A transtandard zoom ?

You should provide a link to the original pictures too. It isn't very good practice to put pictures which aren't yours in your gallery. I think it is against the DPreview gallery rules. You should be carefull with that. May be remove them fast, as soon as a few comments are made. You could get in trouble.

Looks like a bad downsizing algorithm, or a bad lens (less sharpness at the left than at the right), or he chose the lowest sharpening. Just adding some contrast would increase the sharpness feeling. There are several things at play here.

This one taken at F8 should be sharp, at least he should have enough DOF. Again the right side seems sharper. There is a spot in the center and at 1/3 of the left side which isn't as sharp as the right side. He may have got a bad copy of the lens ? You don't know what he did to downsize the pictures either.

Look at the man's elbow : it is tack sharp. The face of the woman in the back is a little soft. Again the problem may be that he focused too near and with 4.2 didn't have enough DOF for being that near. May be he allowed the camera to pick focus by itself (AF set to multipoints) : in these cases, the camera always pick the nearest object/subject. Or maybe that there is a problem with his lens : there seems ISO be some assymmetry with the left side softer than the right side.

The picture is well composed and sharper than the last one. Focus seems to be on the leaves and bench, rather than on the women's eyes. It would be nice to know which lens was used : any idea ?

Not enough DOF : focus was made on the foreground which is sharp and the picture was taken at F4.6. I looked at the picture in the gallery, which appears in portrait orientation. Not sure why it appears in landscape orientation hHere and is completely distorted, this makes sharpness even worse here.

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