Is the OM-d a good beginner's camera? Locked

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Assuming "the beginner" wants to learn about photography, and not just make pretty pictures with a minimum of effort, the E-M5 is a better camera than the E-PL or E-PM series because it places more emphasis on two critical aspects of photography:

1. It provides direct control over at least one more exposure variable
2. It encourages the use of a viewfinder to isolate the act of framing and composition

I've never bought your argument that the other camera series are less daunting for "the beginner"; they have the vast majority of the E-M5's feature set, and most importantly share its overall (complex) user interface.

You go to lengths to make your blather appear high minded and thoughtful, but it's pretty obvious you're just cheesed off at newbies who have the temerity to think they deserve nice gear.

What else explains your near-maniacal obsession?

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