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Manufacture DX lenses and give them a FX focal length, instead of the equivalent?

Half the m43 population thinks 75 F1.8 is actually 150 F1.8, just imagine if they labelled it 150 F1.8...

Unfortunately smartphone makers have already gone down that path. All of them will tell you their phone has a 28mm equv lens "with a large aperture of F2.8" or some crap like that.

For non ILC it makes more sense to use the 35mm equivalent.  How many people know what the crop factor is for their phone?  When i look at the exif for my S95 the equivalent 35mm length is much more useful than knowing the actual length was 6mm and having to know the crop factor is 4.7.

should they use 35mm equivalent f-stop too?

If they're interesting in knowing the equivalent DOF, yes.  Otherwise, it's just the ratio of Focal length to entrance pupil diameter.

so is the FL.

I think it would be useful to have an equivalent f stop number.  It would allow people to more easily figure out which camera would give them shallow DOF and better low light performance. Which is more useful,  knowing that my cell phone has a 28mm equivalent, f2.2 lens or knowing that it's f-stop is equivalent to f16? F/16 doesn't sound very impressive though

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